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Trust Objectives

PLMSS Trust Objectives

It was decided to register and establish this Trust in order to take up research, aid, promote, guide, manage, coordinate, execute and disseminate activities in the following areas:

a)   Computer Aided Design (CAD)
b)   Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
c)   Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)
d)   Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
e)   Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) and other related topics in Aerospace, Automobile and other concern industries;
f)   To further the frontiers of discourse of the theory and practice of its domain,
g)   To promote its domain among different constituency such as academia, industry, government and user community within country and abroad;
h)   To facilitate research activities in its domain and communicate the results to appropriate communities;
i)   To carry out educational and training activities in its domain;
j)   To co-operate and collaborate with other national and/or foreign institution, scientific agencies, industry, research centres and educational institutions on specific projects and investigation in its domain areas relevant to the objects of the trust.
k)   To conduct conferences, seminars, workshops, conference series and other one-time or periodic events in order to promote and pro page its domain, and to extend financial support for researchers to participate in mini symposia or workshops or publish a paper in India/abroad;
l)   To publish papers, books, newsletters, web-sites and other modes of disseminating technical information; and to extend help in publishing scientific magazines, periodicals , journals monographs, compendia’s etc., if required.
m)   All the income, earnings and assets of the PLMSS trust shall be utilised for the promotion of its aims and objects

And generally to do, in all, public charitable activities, for the benefit of the public without any discrimination of Caste, Creed, Colour, Gender, Religion, Faith or any Nationality.

And, the objects of the Trust shall be for the purpose of ‘Charitable Purposes’ within the meaning of Section 2 (15) of the Income-tax Act, 1961; and the Trustees shall not carry on any business activities.