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Events and Activities

PLMSS Events

Product innovation is the main tool for competitive advantage and crucial driver for economic growth. Organizations strive to realize superior quality and cost effective products by adapting to state of art technologies in product development. Managing the lifecycle activities of the product development is major challenge because of lack of integration between tools used to perform various product development and delivery functions, between the digital world where the product takes the shape and the real world where the product is made, used and serviced. Launching branded products at the earliest in the market and sustaining it in the competitive environment are the aim of any product development organizations. To achieve the above mentioned aims with reduced level of risk, Product Data Management, Collaborative Product Commerce and Product Lifecycle Management tools are used in practice. To further this a series of conferences were held starting with the first International Conference which was held in 2006.

PLMSS International Conferences

PLMSS is a Bi-annual International Conference organized jointly by ADA, DRDO, NAL, IISc and HAL. This conference is intended to promote, guide, manage, coordinate, execute and disseminate activities in the following areas:

a. Computer Aided Design(CAD)
b. Computer Aided Manufacturing(CAM)
c. Computer Aided Engineering(CAE)
d. Product Lifecycle Management(PLM)
e. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other related topics.