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The Trust

About PLMSS Trust

PLMSS TRUST (Product Life Cycle Modeling, Simulation and Synthesis Trust) was registered on 3rd December 2014, as a not for Profit Trust.

It was formed in order to take up research, aid, promote, guide, manage, coordinate, execute and disseminate activities in the following areas:

a)   Computer Aided Design(CAD)
b)   Computer Aided Manufacturing(CAM)
c)   Computer Aided Engineering(CAE)
d)   Product Lifecycle Management(PLM)
e)   Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other related topics.

Founders of Trust

It was founded by the eminent professionals who headed or those representatives of the organizations who organized the first International Product Life Cycle Modeling, Simulation and Synthesis Conference, PLMSS 2006, in December 2006, in Bangalore. The Director General (Aero), Director CSIR-NAL and Director and PGD(CA), ADA are permanent Ex-Officio Trustees of the trust. Representatives who organized the different PLMSS Conferences in succeeding years and eminent persons are also invited to be members of the trust.